Chess and Gambling

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Chess has been a gambling game since it was invented. There is evidence that ancient chess used to be played with dice determining which piece should be moved. There is still a variant of chess which uses dice, for those who want to spice up the game. There are many ways you can make a game of chess more exciting with gambling. One of them is to bet online on famous chess tournaments such as FIDE Chess Grand Prix, the World Chess Championships or the World Cup. This kind of chess gamble is very similar to other types of sports betting: you bet on a particular chess player to win a tournament or for a result to be a draw. If betting on sports online sounds like your type of entertainment, offers some excellent promotions for new customers. There is a number of great online bookmakers that also offer betting on chess.

Another option for those who’d like to combine gambling and chess is to play chess for stakes. This is best suitable for good chess players. Each player puts up an agreed amount of money and the winner of the game collects the prize. Being good at chess will significantly improve the likelihood for you to win and can be a great way for you to earn some cash on the side. Betting on your own skill by putting money on the outcome of your own game is perfectly legal since chess is not a game of chance and it is virtually identical in this respect with paying to enter a chess tournament with monetary prizes. Basically, in this type of betting, you wager that your skill level is higher than your opponent’s.

Chess often used to be played for money in cafes, a tradition that continues to this day. One of the most famous games of chess with stakes involved took place in Cafe de la Regence in Paris and was played between Paul Morphy and Daniel Harrwitz. Morphy lost the first two games of the match, but started winning afterward until Harrwitz eventually resigned. Morphy, who was against gambling on chess wanted to nullify the game and refuse the stakes, but was convinced to accept them. The reason was that in such events stakes were often also put up by side-bettors who attended the tournament, and they needed a clear decision on who won.

And finally, a word of caution: always be careful when betting on chess, especially if you are playing in public with people you don’t know. Beware of the hustlers: people who disguise their skill in order to lure you into rising stakes or people who may try to trick you by playing illegitimate moves. Hustlers have always been a part of the game (even Humphrey Bogart used to be a chess hustler before he became famous). Try to stick to official chess events and locations where people often gather to play chess, such as parks, bookstores, cafes or chess clubs. Good luck and have fun!