Three Board Games Similar to Chess

Board games involve pieces that move on a surface or board. The rules are clear and need to be learned. The games have no hidden information. They require logical thinking and a lot of strategies. However, there are some games which do not require skillful thinking and are based purely on the element of chance. Just like with all the […]

Three Best Chess Players Ever

There is no doubt that there are many brilliant players in chess history, but here is the top 3 list of those who we believe rightly deserve to be named the greatest.   Gary Kasparov   Kasparov began training at Mikhail Botvinnik’s chess school at age 10. By 1983, he was ranked second in the world, behind World Champion Karpov. […]

Chess Online vs Chess in Person

Online play or over-the-board, which one is better? In this text, we will analyze pros and cons of both. If you like playing games online, try Online Slot Games, and you will get welcome bonus and free spins! As everything else, technology has also transformed the way we play chess. IBM beat Kasparov, computer chess engines (Rybka) plagiarize other chess […]

7 Reasons Why Playing Chess is Good for You

Chess is one of the best games you can play to keep your brain sharp and stimulated, whether you are 7 or 107. Here is the list of just some of the ways your mental health can benefit from chess: Chess promotes brain growth: Games like chess challenge the brain and stimulate the growth of dendrites, parts of your neuron […]