4 Best Places to Play Chess Online for Free

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Today we use the internet for all sorts of things – to play video games, to work from home, or even to find great promo codes for online casinos such as the ones on casinopromote.co.uk. Therefore, why not play chess online, especially when there are amazing sites where you can do it for free. If you are looking for places to play chess online, you won’t be disappointed by these 4 best chess playing websites. 


We have to start our list with one of the most popular websites for playing chess online for free. There are about 7 million players registered on Chess.com so you can find someone at your level to play with. This site is great both for people who are just starting our and want to have some practice, as well as those who are experienced players. You can choose whatever type of game suits you, whether it be fast-paced or the ones you can play days on end. You have a leaderboard where you can see how you’re progressing compared to other players, and don’t be too surprised if you ever see one of the big chess names such as Hikaru Nakamura or Magnus Carlsen on that list. 


This is another website that is amazing for all those who are just starting out or in a process of training. There are numerous modes and chess variations which are not only helpful in advancing your chess skills but also very fun to play. Even though there aren’t as many players as on Chess.com, you can find a suitable opponent that you will have great games with. Don’t hesitate to try our Lichess.org even if you have more experience – it definitely won’t be boring. 


A similar site to Lichess.org, Sparkchess is a great place to learn the basics of chess as well as some more complicated moves and tactics. It is full of game-like modes which are great if your child wants to learn to play chess. A bonus you get with this website is that the chess boards are 3D so you can rotate them, see them from different angles and figure out the best move, just like you would in real life. If you are an experienced player and often have trouble finding a suitable opponent, you have the option of playing against a computer, and if you are very competitive, there is a leaderboard you can check out to see who is the best. 


Chess24 is by far one of the most popular chess playing websites and we can see why. There is a huge list of players you can try your skills against and you will be able to find someone suitable for you no matter the level. The site is great both for those in training and those who are ready for tournaments and difficult, long-lasting games. If you just want to observe chess tournaments you can do that here and you will have great commentators explaining what is going on. And if you prefer playing on the go, there is an app you can download.